Features of the hottest multi parameter monitor

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Features of multi parameter monitor

multi parameter monitor includes: impact testing machine, impact specimen notch broaching machine, low-temperature trough, impact specimen notch projector features

1. It adopts a highly integrated new world 'China core' monitor special main control board, and the power consumption is reduced by 80%. 2 Polyethylene chemical medium corrosion test method: through the test of three different solutions (hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride), the reliability is greatly improved

2. The display resolution reaches 1024*768, the definition is significantly improved, and the waveform distortion is minimized

3. Smooth rolling display of multi-channel waveform, consistent with the display mode of ECG machine, to realize real continuous dynamic monitoring

4. Optional high-performance ECG module, 7-lead ECG synchronous display on the same screen, with automatic arrhythmia analysis, pacing analysis and ST segment analysis functions

5. The embedded Linux operating system is adopted, which has powerful connection function

6. Do not open the software upgrade function

7. Standard built-in battery

multi parameter monitor is a commonly used clinical medical device, especially an indispensable device in ICU 9 The oil filter in the oil tank is too dirty and blocked, so that the oil delivery volume is insufficient, causing the pressure to not rise. Treatment method: remove it and clean it It mainly provides continuous and dynamic qualitative and quantitative understanding of the condition of critical patients for clinical medical staff by providing ECG, respiration, blood pressure, body temperature, arterial oxygen saturation, end respiratory CO2, hemodynamic monitoring and other physiological parameters, so as to take timely and targeted treatment At present, the multi parameter monitor is developing in the direction of intelligence. The wireless and networking of monitoring equipment is the development trend in the future. The monitoring equipment with wireless mobile connection function will play a more and more important role in clinical practice by comparing the above aspects of single column tension machine and double column tension machine

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