Features of the most popular envelope printing

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Characteristics of envelope printing

characteristics of envelope printing: 1 In terms of product form,

is a single page printed matter, and the content form is a printed matter that provides the audience with a set of document materials

2. In terms of material

generally, envelopes generally use higher grade and thicker paper; Such as coated paper, cardboard, etc

3. In terms of printing methods,

envelope printing usually adopts offset printing. All need to be produced and proofed before printing

4. People in the post press reprocessing industry interpret that art

envelopes need to be coated or oiled after printing to protect ink and improve strength. After printing, we will quickly communicate with the enterprise through die cutting and bonding the finished products. Some envelope sockets can also be used as sockets with stable and reliable performance, or one or two sockets on the right or left or right

5. Envelope printing usually uses 200g, 250g or 300g thick paper. The paper type of envelope printing can be copperplate/dental powder paper, cardboard or art paper, etc

6. The size of envelope printing is usually 6-open or 4-open envelope. Generally, the size of envelope should be slightly larger than the size of the inserted object. If there are many inserted contents, a certain thickness should be left

in recent years, many customers are no longer interested in the whole bound album, but the publicity samples of envelopes and loose pages are becoming popular. Generally, it is printed and processed with coated paper or white cardboard of more than 200 grams, with cover and back cover covered with film, and with paper pockets on the inner side or on both sides. The paper pocket can hold single color pages, documents or reports of any combination of customers, or some not too thick picture albums. There is usually a gap for inserting business cards on the outer side of the paper pocket, which makes it very convenient to insert business cards in it. There are also some envelope paper bags that are specially used to insert CDs in order to achieve three-dimensional publicity effect

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