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Features of NC program

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NC machine tool is a machine tool controlled by computer, and the system used to control the machine tool is called NC system. The movement and auxiliary actions of CNC machine tools are controlled by the instructions issued by the CNC system. There is not much difference between machining parts on CNC machine tools and machining parts on ordinary No. 2 machine tools in terms of machining methods. The difference lies in the control of machine tool movement. When machining parts on ordinary machine tools, the movement of machine tools is controlled by operators; When machining parts on a CNC machine tool, the movement of the machine tool and the realization of auxiliary actions are controlled by the instructions issued by the CNC system. The instructions of the NC system are compiled by the programmer according to the material of the parts, processing requirements, the characteristics of the machine tool and the instruction format (NC language or symbol) specified by the system

NC program is the whole process from the part design drawing or three-dimensional model of the part to the acquisition of the NC processing program. Before outputting the NC program, it is often necessary to carry out multiple verification checks and corresponding program adjustments. Through simulation processing or trial cutting processing, we can observe the whole processing process of the part, verify whether the tool position calculation is correct, whether there is overcutting in the processing process, and whether the selected tool, cutting route, and feeding and withdrawing method are reasonable, Whether there is interference and collision between tools, tool handles and fixtures, and the time required to repeatedly modify or adjust the program according to the results of simulation processing and trial cutting, so as to reduce the labor and material resources consumed

the NC program completed by cad/cam software is efficient, accurate and reliable. At the same time, it puts forward higher requirements for NC programmers to maintain a rapid growth rate every year for five years. The NC processing route is clear and accurate, the selection of cutting tools and cutting parameters is reasonable, and the adjustment time and content are less during debugging, which enhances the stability of components, and the solidification rate of NC program is high

the whole process of NC programming realized by ug/cam on the computer, which is generated and saved as a text file, and then input into the NC machine tool is called offline programming. How to compile perfect NC machining program, process high-quality parts, and make the equipment operate safely and stably is the most concerned problem of NC machining technicians and operators

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