Benco launched a new aseptic filling machine

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Benco launched a new aseptic filling machine

bencopack in Italy, which is in a leading position in the field of aseptic packaging, is a subsidiary of SACMI Group and has more than 30 years of experience in the dairy aseptic packaging industry. The sterile forming filling sealing (f FS) integrated packaging line produced by bencopack has always been at the leading level in the world. Recently, bencopack company launched another masterpiece dosyflux filling machine

benco, together with the R & D center of sakmi group and the University of Parma, has just completed a bacterial test to check whether the sterility performance of the dosyflux sterile filling machine composed of flowmeter is effective. The test results are positive. Now dosyflux filling machine has been adopted on the new generation of Benco machine. These Benco machines, From 6000 to 45000 units per hour, etc "At the same time, this sterile feeding unit can be assembled in the same version, and the quantitative feeding capacity ranges from 100 to 1500 ml.

the launch of dosyflux marks another solid step in the FFS technology of bencopack, which can benefit existing and potential customers. As a company committed to R & D and innovation, the secret of bencopack's success this time lies in the simplification of the production process and working in a sterile environment , simplification is the key factor, which means that the number of parts in contact with the product is less, thus simplifying the aseptic packaging process. In addition, this process design concept also minimizes the wear rate of machine components, thus simplifying the maintenance procedure and ensuring accurate quantification

this new aseptic filling machine with flowmeter has many other advantages, one of which is that it can directly change the product quantity through the control panel, and directly test the accuracy of this unit by sampling and monitoring the product quantity filled by each filling head in 100 ℃± 0.08 lines

benco also said that dosyflux is also applicable to low conductivity products or products with high cost performance and multi specification suspended solids

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