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The State Key Laboratory of new float glass technology was inaugurated in Bengbu

on February 8, the State Key Laboratory of new float glass technology was inaugurated and established in Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute. Common failures of the hydraulic testing machine of the Secretary of the CPC Bengbu Municipal Committee and the Municipal People's Congress: Chen Qitao, director of the Standing Committee, Zhang Xuequn, deputy secretary of the CPC Bengbu Municipal Committee and mayor, Peng Shou, vice chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Glass Association, President and Secretary of the Party committee of Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute, and Li Xuewen, director and Secretary of the Party committee of Anhui coal field geology bureau attended the ceremony and jointly unveiled the State Key Laboratory of float glass new technology. Chen Qitao and Peng Shou delivered speeches at the ceremony, and Zhang Xuequn delivered a speech. The ceremony was presided over by Mao Lingwen, executive vice president of Bengbu hospital

the approval to build a national key laboratory is the high-end authoritative recognition of the scientific research and technical level of Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute in the field of float glass by the Ministry of science and technology, and it is a major breakthrough in the construction of Bengbu Institute's independent innovation system. The new technology of float glass will not cause harm to people's health. The preparation for the establishment of the laboratory will focus on the energy-saving and environmental protection and emission reduction technology of float glass, the new technology of float glass, the coating technology of functional glass gbt4158 ⑴ 984 metal Abby impact test method, etc., carry out independent and innovative, open application basic research, and organize the research and formulation of important technical standards, Provide common key technologies and cutting-edge technology prototypes for the development of the industry. The key laboratory will greatly promote the gathering and training of outstanding scientific and technological talents in the industry, greatly promote the improvement of independent innovation system and mechanism, greatly promote the radiation of new technology and structural adjustment of float glass, and promote the continuous improvement of the overall technical level of China's float glass industry. It will certainly play a major role in the construction of Hewu Beng independent innovation comprehensive supporting reform pilot zone

In his speech, Secretary Chen Qitao, on behalf of the four leading groups in Bengbu, congratulated the State Key Laboratory of float glass new technology on its settlement in Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute, and thanked Bengbu Institute for its contributions to the economic and social development of Bengbu in recent years. He said that in recent years, Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute has made bold innovations and achieved one result after another; Boldly, bravely and creatively, we have constantly transformed the achievements of independent innovation into real productive forces, and built one enterprise after another; Be bold and brave to create excellence, and make your products domestic and world-class; Take Bengbu as an important base to expand the industrial scale and explore new sunrise industries. The whole city should learn from Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute, and leading cadres at all levels should seek their own policies in their positions and seriously seek development; Scientific research institutions should constantly launch unique scientific research achievements; Enterprises should emancipate their minds, be determined to reform, expand opening-up, and take the road of cooperative development; The general public should consciously take development as their own and obligation, and jointly contribute their wisdom and strength to the revitalization of Bengbu

in his speech, President Peng Shou expressed his gratitude to all departments at all levels of Bengbu City for their strong support and help to Bengbu hospital for a long time. He pointed out that the past year was an important year for the Bengbu Institute to rise to the difficulties and achieve brilliant achievements in development and operation, as well as a key year for structural adjustment and transformation and development to achieve preliminary results. Under the strategic guidance of China National Building Materials Group, Bengbu Institute vigorously implements the strategies of integration, industrialization, engineering and internationalization, vigorously develops the new energy, new materials, new glass and new equipment industries, and raises its business indicators to a new level by actively responding to challenges; Through strengthening independent innovation, scientific and technological progress has achieved new results; Through strengthening management integration, enterprise management can achieve new achievements; By paying close attention to strategic priorities, new breakthroughs have been made in transformation and development; Through the cultivation of resource advantages, joint restructuring to achieve new development; By practicing the scientific concept of development, new progress has been made in cultural construction. In 2010, the Bengbu Institute will spare no effort to promote the transformation and development led by engineering technology services to the "two pairs of wheels" jointly driven by engineering technology and emerging industries, and will spare no effort to strengthen the development of "four innovations and one research" in Bengbu, such as new energy, new materials, new glass, new equipment and research and development. After the Spring Festival, the commencement ceremony of the State Key Laboratory of float glass new technology will be held, In the first half of the year, the TCO glass project for thin-film solar cells will be put into operation. It will also invest in the construction of solar cell modules and coating targets in Bengbu, gradually building a complete solar cell industry chain and making new contributions to the rise of Bengbu

leaders of Bengbu City, including Wang Xiaohuai, bixiaobin, he Jinliang and other leaders of four major teams, as well as heads of county, district and municipal departments, attended the unveiling ceremony

focusing on the goal of building a silicon industry of 100 billion yuan, Fengyang county takes increasing investment attraction as a breakthrough to overcome the adverse factors brought about by the financial crisis, and the park construction and silicon industry cluster effect are beginning to show. Last year, the sales volume of quartz sand and silicon (glass) products enterprises in the county was 45. 100million yuan, realizing profit and tax 2. 400million yuan, accounting for more than 1/3 of the fiscal revenue, and also won the golden plaque of "China daily glass industry base", which is the leading one in China. The task of the county is to control the electromechanical industrial park by the servo system. The electromechanical Industrial Park was commended by the provincial government as the provincial advanced development zone for improving the utilization of foreign capital

at present, Fengyang has more than 270 quartz sand processing enterprises, with total assets of nearly 500 million yuan, an annual output of more than 5 million tons of various types of quartz sand, and an output value of 5. With a profit and tax of more than 92 million yuan, it sells well in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country. There are more than 30 silicon (glass) products enterprises, with a total asset of 7billion yuan and 15000 on-the-job employees. The total annual sales volume of glass enterprises reaches 4billion yuan, realizing tax revenue of 1. 500 million yuan, accounting for 80% of the county's industrial tax, accounting for more than one third of the fiscal revenue. There are 11 glass projects under construction, with an investment scale of 39. 1.6 billion yuan. It is planned that by 2012, the annual output of various quartz sands and powders will be 10-15 million tons, with an annual output value of 2-3 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 400-600 million yuan

recently, the provincial Economic Commission has included the glass (silicon) industry in Fengyang County into the development and cultivation plan of emerging industries in the industrial field of the province, cultivated solar cell modules and solar glass as an important part of strategic emerging industries, inherited and increased support for the development of Fengyang glass (silicon) industry, and focused on projects such as technological transformation, technological innovation, energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources. (Chuzhou)

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