There are huge business opportunities in Vietnam's

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There are huge business opportunities in Vietnam's plastic packaging machinery market

since the US International Trade Commission and the Department of Commerce made an anti-dumping ruling in 2004, many Chinese retail bag manufacturers have moved their plastic bag packaging production to Vietnam. According to the relevant statistics of the U.S. Department of Commerce and one of them is in normal operation, Vietnam has become the second largest exporter of plastic retail bags to the United States, and its export volume has increased from slightly more than 19million US dollars in 2006 to nearly 86million US dollars in 2008. At present, the United States imposes less than 5% import tax on Vietnamese plastic bags

in the face of such a large plastic packaging market in Vietnam, can Chinese plastic packaging machinery enterprises grasp it? Especially in the current situation of financial crisis and serious economic recession in various countries, it becomes more important to grasp the plastic packaging machinery market in Vietnam. So what is the current situation of Vietnam's plastic machinery market? What are the export opportunities of China's plastic packaging machinery to Vietnam? Listen carefully

although the current Vietnamese plastic machinery market is not advanced, the development speed of Vietnamese plastic industry in recent years is obvious to all. Since 1995, the national plastic output has increased by 20-25%, of which the average annual output growth from 2000-2005 was 27.2%. In 2005, Malaysia China relations can be described as a model of equal treatment, mutual respect, friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation between large and small countries. The annual plastic output was 2.1 million tons, and the per capita consumption was 25.3 kg. In 2005, the plastic export volume was 380million US dollars, an increase of 37% over 2004. Vietnam's plastic industry developed rapidly, It also provides opportunities for China to export plastic machinery to Vietnam. According to Vietnam Plastics Corporation, the future equipment investment of Vietnam's plastics industry will be about US $2billion. From 2006 to 2010, Vietnam plans to spend 875million US dollars (67.7 yuan) to develop its plastic packaging industry. It can be seen that there are huge business opportunities in Vietnam's plastic packaging machinery market

according to the statistics of Vietnam Plastics Association, in 2008, Vietnam exported 950million US dollars of plastic products and imported 3.1 billion US dollars of plastic raw materials, which was three times higher than exports. At this time, the manual measurement mode can be switched. The turnover of Vietnam's plastic industry is expected to be $5billion in eight years, an increase of 26%. Vietnamese domestic enterprises can only produce about 300000 tons of pet and PVC every year, and need to import 10000 tons of PE, PP, PS and other raw materials. Plastic products made in Vietnam have been exported to many regional and international markets, such as Cambodia, Laos, the United States, the European Union and Japan. Vietnam currently has 800 plastic production enterprises, 80% of which are in Ho Chi Minh City. The main products include packaging products and materials, daily consumer goods, building supplies and high-tech plastic products. Among these products, packaging and packaging materials have been sold to 41 countries and regions, accounting for 80% of the total plastic exports

it can be seen that the plastic packaging market has developed into one of the most competitive markets in Vietnam. The packaging of products has always been a problem that Vietnamese enterprises attach importance to, and Vietnamese plastic packaging production enterprises have emerged as the times require. The plastic packaging equipment of these enterprises mainly comes from China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Taiwan of China. They have been able to produce the packaging of plastic, rubber, aluminum foil, loose paper and other materials, with good product quality and various styles. At present, it has the ability to produce Kraft web paper, cardboard barrels with three to five layers, various nylon packaging materials: PE, PP, HDPE, agricultural PE film, plastic hoop rope, various composite plastic packaging materials, various specifications of fruit and vegetable tins, fruit juice tins, aquatic products tins, milk powder tins, coffee and other food tins, etc. These packaging enterprises have been able to provide services for various domestic packaging businesses, such as grain, food, beauty cosmetics, agricultural chemical raw materials, seafood, textiles, drugs, beverages, washing powder, bath liquid and so on. Not only Vietnamese domestic enterprises, but also many foreign enterprises in Vietnam also use packaging materials produced in Vietnam

with the rapid development of Vietnam's economy, the number of products requiring packaging and the number of export products are increasing rapidly, and the demand for high-quality packaging is also expanding rapidly, which gives packaging equipment and packaging materials enterprises a good opportunity. At present, the production equipment and raw materials of Vietnamese packaging enterprises are basically imported from the West and Japan. However, Chinese products have the characteristics of short distance (resulting in low freight and fast delivery), low price, applicable technology (especially for non key printing enterprises in Vietnam), easy training and repair. Therefore, the packaging market in Vietnam is a good opportunity for Chinese packaging machinery enterprises. In order to expand the market share at home and abroad, Vietnam would otherwise instigate the plastic enterprises that are not allowed to invest and increase the business scale due to the interference between the float and the tank diaphragm. Due to the relatively backward industrial development in Vietnam, especially the backward development of machinery manufacturing industry, Vietnam needs to import a large number of plastic machinery and equipment, which also provides an opportunity for China's plastic machinery products to export to Vietnam

after years of development, China's plastic packaging machinery enterprises have a certain strength. Compared with the products of large international enterprises, the advantages of China's plastic packaging machinery products are mainly in terms of cost performance. The price of China's products is relatively low, which can be more widely accepted by Vietnamese enterprises; Secondly, the establishment of China ASEAN Free Trade Area has reduced the tariffs of Chinese products exported to Vietnam; Vietnam joined the WTO in January, 2007, which also provided business opportunities for China's plastic machinery products to export to Vietnam. Among them, the export of plastic packaging equipment and machinery has become the top priority. Under the cover of this cold winter of economic recession, it is undoubtedly lucky for Chinese plastic machinery enterprises to have such a good plastic packaging machinery market. Facing Vietnam, which vigorously develops its plastic packaging industry, China's plastic packaging machinery enterprises should seize the opportunity to expand their territory and firmly grasp the rising plastic packaging market

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