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Benefits of plastic film bags for fruits

after two visits to Shandong and the distribution test last year, it is believed that the benefits of plastic film bags mainly include the following aspects:

first, people have increasingly strict requirements on the quality of fruits, and the production of pollution-free green fruits is the only way for the future fruit industry. Putting plastic film bags on apples can effectively reduce fruit surface pollution, without pesticide residues, and meet the requirements of green fruit production

second, the number of fruits covered with plastic film bags is significantly larger than that without plastic film bags, and the yield increase effect is obvious. Moreover, the fruit surface is bright and clean, there is no fruit rust, the commodity rate is high, and the benefit is significantly increased

third, the rate of insect fruit, that is, 811 high nickel cathode material, and the rate of diseased fruit have been greatly reduced. For example, last year was a year when the fruit rot disease of whorls occurred, the rate of rotten fruit in plastic film bags was only a few percent, and dozens of percent were not covered

April, June and August are the peak period of fruit rot. if you don't bagge, you have to fight with chemicals every 10 to 15 days. After bagging, you can greatly reduce the number of spraying prevention and control. You only need to spray the chemicals to prevent leaf disease once or twice. The money saved by reducing the number of spraying is far more than the money saved by purchasing plastic film bags

v. after putting plastic film bags, you don't need to remove the bags until the fruits are picked. Later, you can store them in bags until they are handed over to the fruit merchant. It's easier than putting on a paper bag

VI. the price of plastic film bags is lower than that of paper bags. Each one costs only more than 1 point, and an investment of about 100 yuan per mu of land means failure. 3: the steel bar bending experimental machine will vibrate in the process of the experiment, which is acceptable to fruit farmers

VII. Although the benefit of plastic film bag is not as expensive as that of double-layer paper bag, it is higher than that of fruit without bag

however, in order to truly achieve the above effects, the following points must be paid attention to when covering plastic film bags:

first, when purchasing plastic film bags, manufacturers approved by experts after tests must be selected. They must have registered trademarks of the Department of industry and commerce, quality standards registered by the technical supervision department, and it is best to choose units that have participated in quality insurance, so that even if there are problems such as machine collision, there will be compensation units,

second The insecticides for insect killing, sterilization and calcium supplementation must be sprayed carefully for 1 ~ 2 times before condoming. And the fungicide should be added with the medicament specially for the treatment of spot defoliation

third, it is better to have a complete set of trees, so as to effectively reduce the number of pesticide spraying and reduce the cost. Otherwise, the remaining fruit will have to be sprayed as usual

IV. after plastic film bags are placed, if the tree is weak, the weak fruits on the back, periphery, shoot and late flowering are more prone to sunburn. The fruit size of plastic film bag early (may) is significantly larger than that of late (June), but the daily burning rate is also larger than that of late, and the new red star is slightly more important than that of Red Fuji. Therefore, there should be psychological preparation after the set. It's not surprising that the daily burning percentage is a few percent. Someone has calculated that even if the daily burning fruit rate is more than 10%, it's worth it. For dry places, if water can be poured before the condom, the daily burning rate will be significantly reduced. Of course, if you buy unqualified products, the design of ventilation holes and drainage holes is unreasonable, and the daily burning rate is unknown

although there are many advantages of plastic film bags for apples, they are still in the stage of experimental summary. For gardens that have not been tried or whose comprehensive management level is not high, it is better to be cautious

source: Asian fruit information

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