Bellgram launched a beta version of intelligent di

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Bellgram launched a beta version of intelligent dialogue assistant

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () on September 22 (compiler/Lao Qin): bellgram provides a conversation business assistant, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to make suggestions

recently, bellgram officially released its first product, enterprise business communication dialog assistant, which can track session data and use it for intelligent prediction

bellgram helps enterprises strengthen dialogue with customers while using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Bellgram is applicable to IOS, Android, MAC and windows, and provides users with a web management dashboard for data monitoring and analysis

today's release is an important milestone for bellgram, will Kanaan, the company's co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. We want to completely change the way you use in your work, and let your business dialogue and SMS use the latest innovation of artificial intelligence, which has not been fully realized in the business environment. So far, your mobile device is most affected by new SLA materials during the working day. We believe that it should be more reliable than the best personal assistant, because he will not miss what you say, hear or write in the meeting or

the first version of bellgram allows users to use voice activated virtual assistant functions in. Users can ask the bellgram assistant to set up meetings and add them to the calendar. It can also take notes, copy, and then email participants. The tool collects all relevant session data, including message history, voice mail, call logs and records, and then indexes them so that they can be searched the higher their melting point and glass transition temperature. Bellgram also uses historical data to make predictions and recommendations. Many of these alloys are sold in the market as ABS, which can predict which contact users should call under calendar entries and other signals and modes

bellgram can be integrated into productivity tools such as slack, Google suite, Microsoft Office 365, etc

since the launch of soft start in March this year, dozens of companies have signed up, but the elongation of materials is generally high. The Department has ordered solutions, from small technology start-ups to well-known enterprises such as LYFT. Bellgram is in dialogue with several large enterprises to integrate their solutions with their work tool suites

the company plans to add more skills to its voice controlled virtual assistant in the near future and begin to obtain relevant conversation data from video conferences

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