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Hangzhou: benzene is still detected in some benzene free environmental protection paints

Hangzhou: benzene is still detected in some benzene free environmental protection paints

October 12, 2005

furniture plates are polluted, and poor quality paint is another material that affects health. Recently, Hangzhou "City Express" conducted a market survey, randomly purchased six brands of wood paint from the market, and entrusted Zhejiang Fangyuan testing group to conduct testing. The results show that the quality of most brand paints is stable, but some products called "benzene free" not only have benzene, but TDI (free toluene diisocyanate) is also unqualified. Try to compete with other energy storage technologies in the field of competitive or replaceable utilization, and even expand the market share, which has a great impact on human health

tdi exceeding the standard will also cause cancer

a total of 6 kinds of wood paint samples were sampled and purchased this time, including "ChuanHua brand Qingfeng semi gloss finish coat", "Daqiao brand semi gloss finish coat", "Sheng brand polyester paint King semi gloss finish coat", "Shengdan paint three-star semi gloss finish coat", "governor paint ultra clear transparent primer" and "Huabao brand high-grade non pure benzene ultra clear transparent primer". Among them, TDI (free toluene diisocyanate) of "Huabao brand high-grade benzene free clear transparent primer" is unqualified. The national standard stipulates that TDI should be ≤ 0.7%, but the measured value is 0.9%

this comparative experiment also shows that although most products are qualified in terms of indicators of harmful substances, there is still a gap in internal quality. The difference in TDI (national standard ≤ 0.7%) is even greater, with the least "ChuanHua" only 0.1%, and the highest "leopard" up to 0.9%

according to the relevant experts of Zhejiang Fangyuan testing group, TDI content is an important factor determining the environmental protection index of paint. TDI has a strong stimulating effect on human cornea, stretching, bending, tightening or pulling the plastic material spline, which will cause eye redness and swelling. After being inhaled by human body, TDI steam will damage human liver and kidney functions. Long E37 booth) show the following cutting-edge solutions: exposure to high concentration of TDI steam may cause cancer

oily solvent paint can't be "benzene free"

just because benzene series substances in the paint can cause great harm to human body, in recent years, "benzene free" has become the selling point of many paint manufacturers' publicity. There are many paints claiming to be "benzene free" and "environmental friendly" in the market, which are difficult for consumers to adapt at the moment

experts said that at present, it is impossible for solvent-based paint to be benzene free. In the previous tests of paint conducted by our testing center, solvent-based oil has the beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade export. Many paints are basically benzene containing. Paint manufacturers play the "benzene free paint" brand, which is actually a means of sales promotion. Consumers often think that there are no other pollutants without benzene, which is actually misleading to consumers. The future trend is water-based paint, which can achieve health and environmental protection, because water volatilization into the air is non-toxic to people, but there are two bottlenecks in the current water-based paint, one is that the price is higher, and the other is that the hardness, gloss, drying time and other properties of the paint film are not as good as oil-based paint

Decoration workers are the first to suffer.

Zhao Xinjian, deputy director of the national chemical building materials quality supervision and inspection center, said that in the past, people always felt that poor quality paint had an impact on the health of residents, ignoring the harm suffered by construction workers, and their rights and interests should also be protected

Lao Jiang, a decorator, said that painting is the hardest work. In order to prevent dust, the doors and windows must be closed before construction, so the paint smell on the construction site is particularly heavy. We are used to it. Ordinary people can't stand it and will cry after a few minutes

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