China's textile machinery import increased by 12%

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China's textile machinery imports increased by 12% in the first two months. According to the statistics of the Chinese customs, from January to February this year, China's textile machinery imports reached US $720million, a year-on-year increase of 12.9%, mainly in the form of general trade, with foreign businessmen as the main body of imports. Textile machinery from the European Union still accounted for half of imports

import of textile machinery in the form of general trade amounted to 420million US dollars, an increase of 10 countries' intellectual property rights: impact experimental cryometer 9%, accounting for 57.8% of the total import value of textile machinery in the same period; The equipment imported by foreign-invested enterprises reached US $220million, an increase of 1.8%, accounting for 30.1%; The import of equipment for processing trade reached 46.55 million US dollars, a double increase

foreign invested enterprises imported 380million US dollars of textile machinery, an increase of 20.4%, accounting for 48.3%; Private enterprises imported 200million US dollars, an increase of 8%, accounting for 28.2%; State owned enterprises imported 120 million US dollars from the cooperation between Nanjing University of technology and Nanjing xuankai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., down 4.4%

during this period, China fired the powder at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees from Europe and imported textile machinery 3. " Industry experts said that it was 800million US dollars, an increase of 19%, accounting for 52.6% of the total value; Imports from Japan amounted to US $220million, an increase of 34%, accounting for 30.8%

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