China's textile machinery export will exceed 18% t

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Textile machinery market briefing: China's textile machinery export will exceed US $1.8 billion this year

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the profitability of the textile machinery industry was very strong in the first October of 2007

China's No. 1 Textile recently released the report "comparison of profitability of domestic textile sub industries in January", The "report" finds that among the textile sub industries, the textile machinery industry still has the strongest profitability, followed by the clothing, shoes and hats industry, the textile finished goods industry, the knitting industry and the wool textile industry, ranking second, third and third respectively Fourth and fifth

China Textile Association: this year, China's textile machinery export will exceed US $1.8 billion. Gao Yong, vice president of China Textile Industry Association, predicted at the "first China Textile Technology and economic development high level forum" recently that this year, different domestic textile machinery products will perform differently, and the current textile machinery export will exceed US $1.8 billion; Due to the increase in sales of high value-added equipment, the gross output value of the domestic textile machinery industry will not decrease this year, and the adjustment progress and independent innovation pace of the whole industry will be accelerated. According to Gao Yong's prediction, China's textile machinery industry serves the whole process of the textile manufacturing chain, so different textile machinery products will perform differently this year according to the different objects they serve: knitting equipment will still have a certain amount of growth; Printing and dyeing equipment will be stable; The performance of chemical fiber equipment varies; Non woven equipment continues to grow; Cotton spinning equipment enters the adjustment period; Both demand and wait and see exist in shuttleless looms; Parts, special parts and equipment need to be improved

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Shanghai textile heald frame factory becomes the heald frame supplier of bijiale loom

at the recent (Suzhou) bijiale company's factory celebration global conference, the representative of bijiale headquarters in Belgium announced that Shanghai textile heald frame factory was designated as the heald frame supplier of the new generation patented gt-max rapier loom of bijiale company. In the process of participating in the research and development of the heald frame of gt-max rapier loom of bigelor company, Shanghai textile heald frame factory, through repeated demonstration and simulation test, the test results of the first batch of trial samples meet the requirements of bigelor company. The technical indicators of product performance, low noise, high speed, heavy load and reliability guarantee have been recognized by bijiale company. At present, Shanghai textile heald frame factory has obtained the first batch of orders from bijiale company, and a new generation of patented loom heald frames will be put on the market in batches

thies loeffe of Switzerland promotes a complete set of spinning and weaving schemes

loeffe brothers of Switzerland recently launched the yarnmaster series of spinning and weaving schemes. The series of solutions include spinning clearing and quality control system, spectrum+ control system and zeint system to meet higher quality requirements. Yarnmaster series products are equipped with emergency or other more advanced testing methods. The millmastereasy standard Pro central modular quality management system is equipped with quality and production analysis and evaluation data, which can provide a full set of production and quality monitoring for all yarnmaster products

the new seamless underwear machine of Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. will be off the production line soon.

the rf-sm10 seamless knitted underwear machine independently developed by Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. will be off the production line this month and put on the market in the near future. This product will become the flagship product with full functions and high configuration in the domestic seamless knitting underwear machine. RFSM10 seamless underwear machine is an 8-way single-sided electronic jacquard circular machine, which is suitable for knitting all kinds of underwear, underwear, bra, sportswear, etc., and has the function of automatic sewing. In terms of the configuration of key electrical appliances and procedures, RIFA textile machinery cooperates with deimos.p.a, a world-famous company in the knitting field, so that RFSM10 seamless underwear machine has the top configuration among similar models. The seamless underwear machine can be processed and formed at one time through computer control. The time from yarn to garment is short and the production efficiency is high. In addition, the machine has wide process adaptability. It is not only used to produce underwear, underwear, bra, swimsuit, but also has broad application prospects in the fields of sports clothing, Outerwear, etc

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Germany Mayer & CIE company upgraded the jacquard round machine

Germany Mayer & cie. company has further upgraded the best-selling model ovja1.6e jacquard round machine. The needle cylinder and needle disk of the new model are equipped with an electronic single needle needle selection device, which further improves the production efficiency of the machine; The needle disc knitting needle also has a jacquard function, so that jacquard patterns can be produced on both sides of the fabric, which opens up a new prospect for fashion design and improving the jacquard ability of mattress production

Japan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of automatic thread cutting sewing machine

Japan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (JUKI) has recently developed a new type of automatic thread cutting sewing machine ddl-9000a. Compared with the old model, the new model increases the cloth feeding force by 50 and the sewing range by 30. In addition, the energy consumption is only 20 times that of the original organic 2. Within the range of the original gauge length l0 of the sample, the marking machine is used to divide 10 grid lines equally, and the price is lower than that of the original model. Hiroshi Kono, Minister of sewing machine business for heavy machine industry in Japan, said that in order to achieve fast, comfortable and efficient operation, JUKI fully considered the ease of operation and vision when developing new models, and carried out a structural configuration design with superior adjustability corresponding to different materials and fabrics. Jukiddl-9000a series has three types: micro oil supply type, face oil-free type and complete oil-free type

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