China's total forestry output value reached 461.9

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According to the State Forestry Administration of China, the total output value of China's forestry industry last year reached 461.9 billion yuan, of which the output of wood-based panels reached more than 29.3 million cubic meters, ranking second in the world; The output of economic forest products reached 68.8 million tons, ranking first in the world

in recent years, with the smooth implementation of the six major forestry projects, China has made some achievements in natural forest protection, returning farmland to forests, sand prevention and control, and the ecological situation in some areas has improved significantly

in addition, the adjustment of forestry industrial structure has made progress, and the economic forest, bamboo, rattan and flower industry and eco-tourism have developed rapidly. In recent years, the total number of various types of national patents has reached more than 300. The comprehensive development of mountainous areas has been pushed forward in depth, which has played an important role in promoting the development of agriculture and rural economy in the new stage

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