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Three achievements of halogen-free engineering plastics have passed the appraisal. On June 28, liuxuesong, a high-performance halogen-free resistor from Beijing Huateng engineering new materials Co., Ltd., said that PBT modified engineering plastics High performance halogen-free flame retardant PET (polyethylene terephthalate) modified engineering plastics and Yuyao fanwei Engineering Co., Ltd. we have also sorted out three scientific and technological achievements of long-term unattended environmental friendly flame retardant PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) engineering plastics for electrical appliances of 1 Xiacheng Plastics Co., Ltd., which have passed the expert appraisal organized by the Productivity Promotion Center of the chemical industry of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

these three projects have made a number of technological innovations in halogen-free and harmless engineering plastics flame retardant. In two projects of Beijing Huateng company, aiming at the problems of poor crystallinity and fluidity of PBT and pet modified engineering plastics and high difficulty in halogen-free flame retardance, on the one hand, it independently designed and synthesized organic phosphate rare earth salt nucleation (3) electrical control cabinet: installed strong current control system and control switch for operation of the test-bed; Agent, organic phosphate flame retardant and rare earth surface treatment agent improved the crystallization rate and processing fluidity of basic resin materials, and realized halogen-free flame retardant of modified plastics; On the other hand, the cyclic ester compound lubricant and toughening agent are reasonably selected in the formula, which improves the compatibility between various additives and basic resins, improves the processing stability, and significantly improves the smoothness of products. These two products realize the thin wall, high performance and easy processing of plastic parts, and can replace halogen flame retardant PBT and PET materials

fanwei has improved the flame retardant efficiency of PBT engineering plastics by compounding different types of flame retardants and flame retardant synergists according to the industry, and has met the requirements of UL-94 flame retardant V-0 and the International Electrotechnical Association (IEC) for unattended electrical materials, that is, the contact materials will not produce open fire within 30 seconds after 750 ℃ hot wire test

according to the introduction of the appraisal committee, the above engineering plastic products fully comply with the requirements of EU RoHS and other environmental protection regulations. The two achievements of Huateng company have also passed the UL safety certification in the United States, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level

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