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“ As a lesson from the past, many people who have experience in decoration complain that they spent a large amount of decoration fees. They hired regular companies and purchased regular building materials. However, when the decoration was completed, professionals were invited to inspect the house and found that there were various decoration quality problems. The home decoration company should repair them, but “ Things that are sewn and mended are always bad, no “ The original packaging is good, and some houses can't see any problems during the acceptance, but after living for a period of time, various problems have sprung up like mushrooms. In particular, some concealed works such as water and electricity ceiling have many hidden dangers

experts remind: decoration is not “ We only care about the result, not the process. We must do a good job in the monitoring of the decoration process

first, invite an experienced person to supervise the handover of types of work on site

Li Chi, general manager of Xi'an Branch of Beijing Longfa decoration company, suggested that the householder should supervise the handover of various types of work on site. If he did not understand it very well, it was suggested to hire individuals or institutions with certain qualifications and experience to assist in the acceptance, so as to avoid disputes or adverse consequences

because in the process of decoration, due to the involvement of multiple types of work and processes such as water, electricity, paint, carpentry, etc., the process is generally arranged in sequence according to the law. Once the order is reversed and disordered, it is easy to delay the construction period or waste materials. Therefore, if there is time, the owner must personally supervise the handover of types of work on site, and it is a good choice to hire an experienced and qualified person

II. Spot check the construction technology

when laying the wooden floor, check whether the ground is leveled, especially after laying the keel of the solid wood floor, check whether the fireproof materials are painted, whether the insect prevention drugs are sprayed, etc. these details must be supervised in place

for waterway and circuit construction, if it is slotted wiring, it must be routed through pipes, and there must be no damage and broken ends. If any, it is best to solve it with a junction box; A threading tube can only thread 4 wires at most

Li Chi, general manager of Xi'an Branch of Beijing Longfa decoration company, said that as an owner, it is best to understand the construction process standards of the decoration company and the decoration process standards stipulated by the state before decoration. When the decoration starts, the householder can compare the actual construction process on site according to the specified process standards to see if there is any discrepancy

III. understand the technical level of workers

Mr. Wang, who has just finished decorating the house, said that the technical level and sense of responsibility of the workers in the decoration company are uneven, good and bad, so the owner must determine the construction workers with the decoration company in advance, and reconfirm whether they are the agreed workers at the construction site

Huo Tao, general manager of Shaanxi Fushang home decoration company, said that in the decoration process, the technical level of workers is an important link and guarantee to determine the decoration quality. In reality, owners generally ignore the inquiry and check of workers' identities

he suggested that when signing the contract with the decoration company, the owner should clarify the skill level of the construction workers, and even determine the identity of the construction workers, try to ensure that the workers actually participating in the construction are the best workers, and put an end to the possible quality problems in the worker link

IV. on site inspection of home decoration materials, beware “ Shoddy “ The quality of home decoration materials and the quality of home decoration technology are the two key points of the overall home decoration quality. If consumers choose materials by themselves, they must choose according to relevant materials and environmental protection standards; If the home decoration company provides home decoration materials, it must clarify the brand, texture, specification, manufacturer and price of the materials at the beginning of signing the contract, and record them one by one in writing and include them in the attached pages of the contract. During the decoration process, when the materials enter the site, the owner shall check whether the brand, texture, specification, manufacturer, price, etc. of the materials are consistent with the original agreement, and also carefully check whether the outer packaging of the materials is neat and intact, and whether there are traces of damage, etc





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