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How should the living room be laid out and decorated so that it can not only ensure high appearance value, but also have practical value? Now, let me show you how to create the living room space

the living room is one of the most frequently used spaces in our daily life. Afternoon naps, all night movies, holiday parties, home chatter and other aspects of life all start from the living room

however, how to layout and decorate this space carrying many activities, so as to ensure high beauty and practical value at the same time

next, let's see with Xiaobian how to build the living room space


reasonable layout of space

the living room should not only place sofa, coffee table, TV and other items, but also leave enough activity space, so it will be more convenient to use. The design of small family living room can save space by adding some partition wall cabinets, choosing some tea tables and sofas with storage function, and giving more practical space, so that the functionality and comfort of small family living room space can be better improved


furniture selection

with people's pursuit of simple style and the popularity of small houses, audio-visual cabinets with large floor area are no longer suitable for the decoration of small living rooms. Therefore, in the choice of audio-visual cabinet, you can choose the storage type of audio-visual cabinet. The combination cabinet with reasonable design and the space of TV cabinet can not only increase the storage space of the living room, but also enhance the sense of space design. Then match with some small and light sofa, tea table and other furniture, which can not only meet the storage needs of the living room, but also won't occupy too much space


color matching

although rich and colorful colors can make our mood happy, in the decoration of small houses, we should not use too many colors, and the colors should not be too fancy, otherwise it is easy to make the room become depressed, which will bring a sense of crowding, thus affecting the overall aesthetics. Therefore, in the decoration of the small living room, the color of the audio-visual cabinet is usually light color, and then decorated with some bright colors, such as the bright background wall and tea table. This can not only avoid the sense of space depression, but also activate the space atmosphere


guest dining room integration

no matter from the style, color, or modeling design, the design of the dining room and the living room is perfectly unified. At the same time, the living room space appears more open in the visual sense, while the design without partition also makes the activity space wider and more convenient. The living room and dining room are located in the same space. The color and style of furniture are fully considered in the design. The unified style design brings a more comfortable life experience to the living room


multi functional living room

the function of living room, dining room and study is "three in one". The combination design of multiple functional spaces can make better use of the living room space, make the layout more centralized, and effectively avoid setting up a separate functional space, which is crowded due to insufficient area





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