Heat insulation comparison test of door and window

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The selected temperature sensing tester of Suifu doors and windows is specially used to show the heat insulation effect of transparent substances such as glass, so that visitors can better experience the heat insulation effect of heat insulation glass and feel the performance differences of different types of glass

summer is an enthusiastic and unrestrained season. Everyone has a different impression of summer in his heart. Maybe it's the summer vacation he expected when he was a child, maybe it's the cold soda there, or the beach with gusts of breeze, or maybe it's just a fuzzy blue sky

however, the reality tells you that you think too much

in fact, summer brings not only long days and short nights, but also muggy air, hot temperature and US blowing air conditioning

in summer, air conditioning is really a good way to cool down. However, if you keep the air conditioner on for a long time, the power consumption will affect your health. So what other ways can you use less air conditioning in summer to cool the indoor temperature

it's only the distance between a door and window and the thickness of a piece of glass to isolate the high temperature and embrace the cool! Don't believe it? You see -

the selected temperature detector of Suifu doors and windows is specially used to show the heat insulation effect of transparent substances such as glass. The high calorific value of the infrared lamp of the temperature sensing tester makes the whole test process imitate the irradiation of sunlight, so that spectators can better experience the blocking effect of heat insulation glass on heat, and feel the performance differences of different types of glass

in addition to ordinary single glass, glass is also divided into tempered glass, insulating glass, Low-E glass, laminated glass according to different types And low-r glass. How about the heat insulation performance of these glasses? After watching the video, you should know it well

extended reading:

low-r glass (low anti heat insulation coated glass): it is a new type of multi-component magnetron sputtering coated glass developed and produced by mingshida intelligent materials Co., Ltd., a strategic cooperative enterprise of Suifu doors and windows. The surface of coated glass products has a thermal insulation layer with a thickness of only nanometer; This core surface makes the glass have good daylighting, visible light reflection and better heat insulation performance

in addition to the intelligent dimming glass introduced previously, Suifu doors and windows will apply this kind of low-r glass (low anti heat insulation coated glass) with better heat insulation performance and more obvious effect to our existing bridge breaking heat insulation window system. At that time, the double-layer linkage between the bridge breaking thermal insulation system and the thermal insulation glass system will push the thermal insulation performance of Suifu products to a new height, and also add new "glass" to the comfortable experience of summer life

your comfortable and energy-saving experience is made by us! Suifu doors and windows always focus on energy-saving and quiet life at home. As a powerful brand enterprise of doors and windows, Suifu doors and windows has sufficient supply capacity and perfect production technology guarantee. The products of the brand include sunshine room (shading system), grape trellis, bridge broken window screen integrated casement window, sliding window, heavy sliding door, heavy folding door, swing door and other high-end customized products. Suifu doors and windows attaches great importance to the performance of doors and windows, and with reference to European technology and home style, it has built a home with ingenuity to create the most beautiful energy-saving door and window products, and create household quality





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