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The vase is beautiful in appearance, but it will break when it is dropped. It is pitifully fragile. The aluminum alloy open flush door of the sub material door and window has the beauty of a vase, but it is not as delicate as a vase. It is solid and stable, which can be described as both inside and outside

a door with a beautiful appearance is useless, because the door is the guardian of the room. Only with the momentum of "one man is the gate, ten thousand men cannot open it" can people feel at ease. However, if there is only a solid interior and no exquisite appearance, it will be incompatible with the ideal room. The aluminum alloy open flush door of Asian doors and windows has both fashionable and beautiful appearance and stable and solid quality, meeting the requirements of practicality and beauty

sub material doors and windows aluminum alloy swing door product features:

first, excellent decorative effect. There are many colors and shapes of aluminum alloy casement doors and windows, which can be personalized combined, and the surface gloss is high, the color is natural and abundant, the texture is clear and delicate, and the proportion of frame glass is small. Aluminum alloy casement doors can be made into large-scale divisions, which is very modern and fashionable, and can add luster to the home space

II. Excellent performance. The aluminum alloy side hung doors and windows of Asian materials have excellent wind pressure resistance, air permeability and rainwater leakage performance (up to grade 1 or higher of the national standard). With heat breaking profiles and insulating glass, they have good energy-saving effect, do not frost and dew, and can meet the needs of any high-end and high-rise buildings. They are recognized as medium and high-end door products at home and abroad

III. light weight. The density of aluminum profile is 1/3 of that of steel, with high specific strength. The aluminum profile used for windows is about 5kg per square meter, the steel is 10-20kg, and the plastic window frame weighs more than 10kg

IV. durable. After good surface treatment, the aluminum alloy swing door profile of sub material doors and windows has good atmospheric corrosion resistance, is not afraid of humidity, is not afraid of sunlight, is not deformed at high temperature, is not embrittled at low temperature, is not combustible, is not aging, is lightning proof, is durable and stable, and is suitable for all kinds of climatic environments

v. good processing performance. The aluminum alloy swing door profile of sub material doors and windows can be processed into large size and complex cross-section shape with high dimensional accuracy. The processing technology of aluminum alloy swing door is relatively simple, and it is easy to realize various processing steps

VI. strong corrosion resistance. The aluminum alloy oxide layer does not fade, fall off, do not need painting, and is easy to maintain without maintenance

VII. It is conducive to environmental protection. China is very rich in aluminum resources, with sufficient supply of aluminum materials, and the world's aluminum production is also in a surplus state. Sub material doors and windows make high use of aluminum resources and improve resource utilization. The high-quality aluminum profiles selected for the doors and windows of Asian materials are easy to recycle and have a high reuse rate. There is no environmental pollution during processing

sub material doors and windows, aluminum alloy open flush doors, both inside and outside, give you safe care and fashionable enjoyment




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